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The Story of Peace in Pain Candles

Hi my name is Champagne I am the creator of “From a Piece of Pagne Peace in Pain Candles LLC”. I  wanna share a short message on how I come up with the idea.... I lost my father to gun violence in 2012. I slipped into a 6 year long depression causing me to become someone I was not happy with. By 2018 I had lost so many loved ones life seemed to be just too much. I became so scared of death around me I developed anxiety that would lead into an asthma attack. Being a single mom of two I stressed myself to the point I could go days without eating, sleeping, suffering the worse migraines the list goes on and on and so did the list of medication I had to take. I soon got tired of taking meds for everything and the fear of what my kids thought of seeing their mother drowning in pill bottles before 30 didn't sit well with me. I begin to research ways to help myself naturally, no more of the man made medication that never seemed to help as much as it made things worse. I begin to practice Kundalini Yoga and it started going up from there. I  found natural ways of healing the body, mind and soul soon leading me to give up religion and focused more on being spiritual (yes I still believe in God). Each day I started feeling better and better. I later picked up a personal hobby, since I have a passion for arts and crafts making my own personal candles seemed like the perfect hobby to keep me busy. I would post to Snapchat where my viewers started to request their own and bomb the seed of Peace in Pain was planted a all natural product that helps with any mental health issue you may suffer from. So natural that as the wax melts you can apply the wax to your body for a even deeper connection with the essential oil and body. I love what I do now because it not only helps me find my peace why going through my pain but I get to help others find their Peace in Pain.  


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