Lose Control a mood set by Silk

You ever just been listening to some good old school bedroom music like the R&B group Silk in the dark with come candles lit and just get lost in a sex fantasy. I have this probably too often 🤦🏽‍♀️. I get lost in my music sexually I can’t help it well should I say I can’t control my thoughts they always end up something like this....

I closed my eyes as the smooth words of silk touched my soul singing 🎶 I wanna feel your body yarn!!! My body temperature starts to rise. I start to imagine hands rubbing on me with the softest sway up my body until they reach my neck. Taking me by surprise they slow tighten causing my heart to speed up, not in a scared way but in a this is what I been waiting for type of turn on. I was getting choked a instant wetter. As one hand was around my neck the other swayed it’s way down between my thighs into the wet warm box waiting to be filled with every thick inch he had to give and boi was it some thick inches to take. Before giving it to me he teased me, you know those few taps on the pearl drives a girl wild plus saying stuff like “who bitch are you” “how do you want it” “you gonna take all this” “who fuck you like l do”. This whole time I was being teased so I’m going crazy. I’m just ready to feel him on my side parts lol. He gets up making me nervous I just know I was bout to get the works. He goes over grabs the Silk candle I have burning n climbs back on top on me rolling me over. He pours the melted wax oil on my back side. (the candles is made of all natural products made to melt into body oils) He started to rub me down with the right amount of rough passion I dream about. From using his hands to using his lips the mood in the room was so intense I felt I wouldn’t even make it to the best part.

So I had to snap outta it. That damn Silk gets me every time, that’s why I had to make the candle that made me feel the same way they music did. Now I share that same mood with you. Go order the Silk Candle Now you won’t regret getting too freak.

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