May Showers

"When it rains it pours" that the saying right crazy how true it can be though. May 2021 that's all seen was rain in the forecast and tears in my eyes. None stop gloomy days seemed like they would never end. When was the Sun going to shine again is all I could cry for. Every week something life changing happened to me. Here I am teaching my customers to Embrace their Pain to Find their Peace and I am over here struggling to do so my self. For a moment I forgot its okay for me to go thru my phase and struggles in life trying to figure it out just like my customers I love to help. I had been in a good place for so long than stuff just start hitting back to back to back seeming so unbearable like I really couldn't catch a break. I couldn't find the power to embrace none of the pain that was being thrown at me. Until today; Today I realized everything I went through this month was needed for deeper purposes that will help me continue to serve my purpose. I was tested for the whole month of May preparing me for whats next seeing if I was ready for what was next. Sucks to say I feel I failed most the test I had but Aced the make up test of figuring out the lessons to be learned from the test. Making me realize its time to get back focus on my faith. Its time to working harder on Embracing my Pain because Yes "when it rains it pours" but The Sun will Shine again with a Rainbow to bring more life and color cause them gloomy days don't last always.

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